IBM® Security Privileged Identity Manager secures, automates and audits the use of privileged identities to help thwart insider attacks and improve security. It reduces the number of privileged accounts required by an organization and streamlines user access requests for increased productivity. A virtual appliance option and redesigned user interface makes IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager simple to install and manage. The optional Privileged Session Recorder tool records privileged user endpoint activities for improved visibility and security compliance.

IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager:

  • Provides centralized privileged identity management – to address insider threats, improve control and reduce risk.
  • Controls privileged user activity – and sensitive data access.
  • Reduces costs and overhead – by providing faster time to value.
  • Addresses compliance, regulatory and privacy requirements.
  • Provides automated password – management and single sign-on to protect access to enterprise resources.

Provides centralized privileged identity management

  • Manages and audits a pool of privileged user identities, which can be checked in and checked out by authorized people.
  • Improve ROI using common identity management and support for applications and resources.
  • Protect user access and content against targeted attacks.
  • Add, remove or change privileged access from a central location.
  • Automate approvals and recertification.

Controls privileged user activity

  • Manages provisioning and updating of privileged user accounts.
  • Provide an encrypted vault for storing privileged user credentials.
  • Offer timed automatic check-in that gives users a limited time to use a privileged identity.
  • Improve productivity while strengthening security through automated processes.
  • Reduce costs and overhead by providing faster time to value with a scalable virtual appliance deployment.

Reduces costs and overhead

  • Reduce total cost of ownership with a virtual appliance option
  • Streamline loading of privileged users credentials into Credential Vault

Addresses compliance, regulatory and privacy requirements

  • Create a permanent, detailed record of privileged user endpoint activity with Privileged Session Recorder option.
  • Capture both how a privileged identity was used and what a user did with it.
  • Configure to enforce strict check-in and check-out of a pool of shared accounts to help ensure accountability.
  • Record steps of authentication and privileged account actions in a detailed audit trail.

Provides automated password

  • Eliminate the need for privileged users and shared accounts to share passwords.
  • Provide single sign-on for each user in the group to a designated shared account—even as the password is updated.
  • Allow users to request access to a privileged account using shared identity services.
  • Require password resets upon check-in to help eliminate password theft and reuse.
  • Provide a self-service interface for users to optionally check-in and check-out credentials and view passwords.