As national security and defense threats become more complex, intelligence organizations and agencies are challenged to respond more efficiently and precisely. This challenge is compounded by limited resources, evolving missions and a dynamic landscape. Intelligence organizations need a solution that will help them accelerate the data-to-decision (D2D) process and scale their resource and data needs. IBM® i2® Enterprise Insight Analysis is a new intelligence solution that does just that. It’s interoperable, open and modular design enhances existing infrastructure and investments. It aids individual analysts as well as enterprise teams with multi-dimensional visual analysis and advanced analytics to create mission critical intelligence in near-real time.

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis supports a range of national security and defense operations and mission types, such as:

  • Source intelligence operations that support open source intelligence, signal intelligence, human intelligence, document and media exploitation and more
  • Emerging and contingency operations
  • Strategic intelligence analysis
  • Cyber-intelligence operations
  • Counter-intelligence
  • Customs and border security
  • Maritime and counter-piracy operations
  • Civil-military cooperation
  • Peacekeeping
  • Humanitarian missions
  • Counter-insurgency
  • Counter-narcotics operations

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis features:

  • Scalable and interoperable by design
  • Advanced GIS capabilities, such as three-dimensional mapping, entity, relationship and temporal resolution that can be accessed through a connector
  • Temporal visualization down to the sub-second level
  • Social network analysis algorithms that dissect group interactions and identify key players
  • Social engineering and data layers
  • Heat matrix for ‘pattern of life’ analysis
  • Advanced data management and analysis including visual query and merging
  • Flexible and extensive data acquisition framework
  • Data provenance and data traceability
  • Familiar intelligence chart briefing format used by national security and defense organizations around the globe

Solution Benefits:

Provides a clear intelligence picture that
spans organizations

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis supports multinational intelligence sharing and collaboration between rotating units and among coalition partners that span theaters. It also enables the exchange of information with non-military organizations involved in countering insurgency and terrorism. This includes local, national and international law enforcement agencies, along with other governmental and transnational organizations.

Generates intelligence quickly

During live operations, time-critical decisions are based on the ability to quickly understand the substance and significance of both stored and incoming information. IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis includes data extraction and rapid data entry tools designed to help military analysts process data more quickly. These assisted and automated analytics perform entity resolution against massive data sets and offering the ability to run multidimensional analytics and advanced queries across hundreds of terabytes of data, providing results within seconds.With reduced time spent on data processing, analysts can focus their efforts on uncovering patterns and connections, which enables them to develop smarter, tactical and strategic reports more quickly.

Helps ensure mission continuity

As units rotate in theater, valuable information and insight might be overlooked or even lost because of different approaches to managing information. New intelligence databases might be created with different schemas and limited security access. Therefore, intelligence gained might not always be transferred to the incoming unit. A command’s ability to combine historical information with current information can be affected, which can limit the contextual understanding of operational situations.
IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis is an analysis platform where the robust repository can remain in place when one unit leaves and another begins its deployment. Intelligence charts can also be saved in the repository, as enhancements to the stored and collected intelligence. You can use predefined and custom-built templates to quickly populate the intelligence repository. This repository can be searched with either simple search or the visual query can be used for more complex queries.

Integrates and analyzes unconnected sets of information

Intelligence analysts must often interpret large amounts of data from multiple sources, including situation reports, spot reports and open source information. IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis can help capture, process and integrate this information. Analysts can efficiently store, retrieve and analyze all source information gathered. This can then be integrated and visualized with open source information to create a clear, comprehensive operational picture that can help simplify tactical and strategic planning.

Product Screenshots:

Multidimensional Visual Analysis

Fuse data from multiple sources, including social media

Find hidden connections and patterns

Apply visual, geospatial & temporal analysis