Security-as-a-service to lower capital costs and accelerate deployment. IBM® QRadar on Cloud provides IBM security professionals to deploy and manage infrastructure, while your staff performs threat management tasks. It enables you to acquire flexible threat protection and compliance reporting capabilities quickly without large capital expenditures—and offers a cost-efficient, initial step towards IT security outsourcing.

IBM QRadar on Cloud:

  • Helps you move away from large capital expenditures to a model based on operating expenses
  • Delivers key IBM QRadar SIEM capabilities to help protect you from the latest security threats
  • Includes IBM services for flexible planning, acquisition, deployment and management

Helps you move away from large capital expenditures:

  • Offers monthly billing cycles and flexible payment options
  • Reduces complexity, skill requirements and operational costs
  • Allows you to flexibly increase or decrease your deployment size
  • Simplifies acquiring, deploying and managing security intelligence

Delivers key IBM QRadar SIEM capabilities

  • Collects security events from on-premises and cloud infrastructure to provide broad insights into critical threats
  • Enables you to access security intelligence services from a single web browser as if they were deployed on-premises
  • Enables near real-time visibility for threat detection and prioritization, delivering surveillance throughout the entire IT infrastructure
  • Configured to customer specifications and deployed within a dedicated private cloud environment
  • Hosted by IBM within a secure IBM SoftLayer®4 data center with built-in high availability and failover-supporting infrastructure

Includes IBM services

  • Turnkey deployment and maintenance of QRadar servers within the IBM cloud
  • Monitor the health and availability of services and apply patches and software upgrades
  • Upgrade service levels as needed—including an upgrade path to additional, complementary IBM Global Technology Services and IBM Managed Security Services
  • Includes threat intelligence from IBM X- Force® research and development