IBM® Cloud Identity Connect is an Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution that enables you to extend the robust capabilities of enterprise IAM technology to cloud and native applications in minutes. Built on and for the cloud, IBM Cloud Identity addresses the needs of IT, end users and LoB managers, enabling organizations to reinforce security while increasing management efficiencies and providing users with uncomplicated access to the applications they need to be productive.

IBM Cloud Identity also includes the full capabilities of IBM Security Access Manager for hybrid and on-premises access management. Organizations already deploying IBM Security Access Manager can integrate easily—in only seconds—with IBM Cloud Identity for a nondisruptive extension of robust IAM technology across the full spectrum of cloud and on-premises applications. IBM Security Access Manager users can continue to support on-premises applications as they transition to the cloud.

IBM Cloud Identity:

  • Simplifies employee access to on-premises and cloud applications with single sign-on (SSO) through a corporate launch pad
  • Saves IT time and reduces your dependence on Identity and Access Management (IAM) skills with connections to thousands of popular cloud applications
  • Streamlines access control by enabling IT to delegate application access manage- ment to line-of-business (LoB) managers
  • Helps protect your IAM investment and reduce risk by extending enterprise access policies to the cloud

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Verify user identities with frictionless MFA:

Achieving the right balance of convenience and security when it comes to authentication policies is a major challenge for today’s security leaders. For
consumer-facing services, creating delightful authentication experiences is a business imperative, because prospects will abandon ship completely if they can’t get access quickly. For employee-facing programs, implementing the latest and most secure methods is imperative to ensure only the right people access enterprise resources.

Whether your authentication program needs to serve internal or external users, the MFA capabilities that IBM Cloud Identity provides can help you ensure a frictionless experience. Deployed standalone, via application programming interfaces (APIs), or in combination with other access management platforms, IBM Cloud Identity lets you rapidly establish strong authentication to your web, mobile, SaaS, Internet of Things (IoT) or enterprise applications.

IBM Cloud Identity MFA capabilities include:

  • A simple user interface (UI) for defining and modifying access controls
  • One-time passcodes delivered via email, SMS or mobile push notification
  • Biometric authentication, including fingerprint, face, voice and user presence
  • Second-factor authentication for virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • The ability to use context from enterprise mobility management and malware detection solutions for risk-based authentication
  • Software development kits (SDKs) to easily integrate mobile applications with the broader access security platform
  • Risk-based user authorization and authentication policies that use:
    • Context about the endpoint (device fingerprint, jailbreak status and enterprise mobility management [EMM] enrollment status)
    • Identity (groups, roles and fraud indicators)
    • Environment (geographic location, network and IP reputation)
    • Resource/action (what is being requested)
    • User behavior (location velocity)

IBM Cloud Identity Features:

Login with a Single Sign-On

Eliminate username and password hassles. Sign into all your applications with a single set of login credentials, allowing one-click access to browser, mobile and on-premises applications

Enhance Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

Enhance security by creating custom policies. Infuse multiple user authentication types for stronger security with IBM Verify

Empower Managers to Control Access with Delegation

Reduce time and skill dependencies on IT. Delegate the responsibility of application ownership to line of business managers, empowering them to provide their employees with faster access to applications

Ease Hybrid Deployment with Integration

One click activation with IBM Security Access Manager enables organizations to protect existing on-premise investment and bridge easily to the cloud. Integrate with On-Premises directories such as AD/LDAP

Gain Insight into App Risk & Usage with Dashboard

Evaluate and understand cloud application risks via risk score, compliance data, and URL locations. Gain insight into cloud application usage information highlighting SSO connections, and successful or failed logins

Find Apps Easily With Application Launch Pad

Conveniently find, view and access all your applications from a central location. A launchpad that unifies all apps, both on-premises and in the cloud

Product Screenshots: