What is Ansible Automation Platform?

Ansible Automation Platform by Redhat is a tool and solution that makes repetitive tasks and configurations fully or semi-automatic. Adjusting settings for 1 to 3 security systems or servers can be complicated already, but try imagining adjusting settings for dozens or hundreds of systems, computers, or servers–it could be nightmare. Solving this nightmare is where Ansible shines.

One just has to configure the security system settings once and then create a “playbook” in Ansible, and Ansible goes through every system that you want to update or configure and repeats those settings perfectly, every time, on every system. If you make the playbook correctly, it doesn’t even matter if the system has an OS of Mac, Windows, Linux, or a server OS, the settings will be configured across all of them in the correct way. You can automate things such as security threat remediation and response tasks, logging and reporting tasks, patching and updating tasks, and even custom tasks. It makes security administration and operations much easier when dealing with multiple systems or environments.

What are the main benefits of using Ansible Automation Platform for security?

  1. Boosts speed and efficiency of the security systems and the teams that work with them–all by automating and simplifying huge lists of repeated tasks so that teams can focus on the more challenging and special aspects of security administration.
  2. Scaling security across a growing company is made easy. Applying automation across your security infrastructure increases consistency and allows you to take a more holistic approach to security. Each staff member can manage more tools, devices, and systems, so you can operate at scale. Automation also reduces the risk of human errors, improving accuracy.
  3. Reduce the risk and cost of security breaches. Fully deploying security automation can reduce the average cost a breach by 95% (IBM Security “2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report”)
  4. Unites security team members, processes, and tools with a single, simple, and flexible solution–Ansible Automation. A single, uniform platform makes collaboration and investigation much simpler.

Is Ansible Automation Platform right for you?

As a security expert, associate, or administrator, the need to catch the threat, prevent the threat, or relieve the threat seems like a ever-present challenge that security teams face every day. But just because it’s a “challenge” doesn’t mean it has to be “challenging” or difficult.

Ansible Automation Platform makes aspects of security more unified, simpler, and much more scalable. It also provides the following proven and measurable business value (IDC White Paper “Red Hat Ansible Automation Improves IT Agility and Time to Market”) :

  1. 25% more productive and efficient security IT teams
  2. 20% more efficient incident mitigation
  3. 27% more efficient security patching

Those stats are reported by IDC when interviewing decision makers of organizations that have utilized Redhat Ansible Automation Plaform to enhance their security processes.

If you are curious on how Ansible could be the answer to your security teams’ needs and how your company can benefit from Ansible overall, call one of our experts now to find out more information about Ansible and move forward with your Ansible Automation decision.

We look forward to helping you with your Ansible for security decision.