SAM_ESSO_imageIBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On is a simple and flexible access management solution that combines convenient single sign-on with session management and user tracking/audit capabilities. The product simplifies password management, supports a variety of strong authentication devices, and helps secure kiosks and shared workstations, enforcing compliance at the enterprise endpoints. It allows users to sign on from anywhere to the enterprise network with one password and get secure access to all applications, including those on the Apple® iPad®.

IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On:

  • Strengthens access control – with convenient single sign-on (SSO) to enterprise and mobile applications and with strong authentication support.
  • Improves productivity – by eliminating multiple passwords, simplifying the user experience and supporting mobility
  • Increases auditability and compliance – by tracking and auditing fine-grained user access to information
  • Achieves higher return on investment (ROI) – with a virtual appliance form factor and reduced costs

Strengthens access control

  • Delivers secure single sign-on access to mobile and virtual applications.
  • Enables use of stronger passwords.
  • Supports USB smart tokens, smart cards and biometric devices.
  • Enforces inactivity time-out and log-out policies.
  • Provides secure sharing of virtual and shared desktops.

Improves productivity 

  • Provides convenient single sign-on access to web-based applications on Apple iPads.
  • Delivers secure user access and authentication to all types of applications such as electronic medical records.
  • Automates the entire access workflow.

Increases auditability and compliance 

  • Transparently logs and centrally records all user login activity.
  • Provides flexible reporting to meet compliance needs.
  • Prevents unauthorized access to confidential applications via desktop control policies.

Achieves higher return on investment (ROI) 

  • Simplifies implementation and maintenance with virtual appliance option.
  • Reduces password-related help desk costs by lowering the number of password reset calls.