IBM Security Identity Manager enables organizations drive effective identity management and governance across the enterprise. This solution helps strengthen regulatory compliance and security by reducing the risk of identity fraud. It automates the creation, modification, recertification and termination of user privileges and supports policy-based password management throughout the user lifecycle. It features a redesigned business-friendly user interface and reporting tools to help managers make better governance decisions. As part of IBM Security Systems portfolio, IBM Security Identity Manager helps provide intelligent identity and access assurance.

IBM Security Identity Manager:

  • Empowers line of business managers – to automate and define users’ access for governance, risk and compliance.
  • Reduces complexity of enterprise identity management – with centralized policy, integrated role and identity lifecycle management.
  • Improves user assurance – with strong authentication integration and closed-loop user activity monitoring.
  • Provides effective and actionable compliance – with centralized identity and access management across the enterprise.

Empowers line of business managers

  • Business focused interface to help managers make better governance decisions for employee access.
  • “Shopping cart” metaphor helps simplify batch requests and user experience.
  • Managers can easily view available entitlements for each user and request access updates.

Reduces complexity of enterprise identity management

  • Provide out-of-the-box support for managing user access rights and passwords.
  • Deliver policy-based identity management and governance in a single, integrated package.
  • Simplify the design, implementation and validation of role and access structure across the enterprise.

Improves user assurance

  • Improve user assurance with closed-loop user activity monitoring.
  • Deliver reporting for user access rights through automatic synchronization of user data from different repositories.

Provides effective and actionable compliance

  • Create audit trails with detailed reports on account activities.
  • Provide regular reports to business managers for easier and better decision making.
  • Manage and help prevent business policy conflicts through separation of duty checking and enforcement.