The business landscape is changing. With a rapidly increasing share of the market, Apple macOS has seen consistent growth every year in terms of worldwide adoption.

Enterprise organizations, typically bastions of Microsoft, are migrating to Apple. Why?

MacOS is easier to configure, easier for IT to troubleshoot, and easier to secure. It helps that Apple provides plenty of support programs for device owners and device management tools alike. With the advent of unified endpoint management (UEM), laptops and desktops get the modern treatment with API-based policy on top of in-platform patching and updating.

Are you considering a macOS deployment? Maybe you already have Macbooks floating around the office. How do you control them? Join us on April 18, 2019 at 2pm EST, and learn some of the ways IBM MaaS360 with Watson makes macOS management simple and efficient, including:

  • IBM’s Apple partnership guarantees zero day support for updates
  • An intuitive app catalog for users to get a handle on their downloads
  • Custom scripting pushes any app or action from the console
  • Enhanced MDM payloads provide hundreds of policy options