The financial services industry continues to be a major adopter of hybrid cloud. Recent highly publicized security incidents involving a major financial services provider and a large public cloud provider have caused many financial services firms to question their commitment to adopt hybrid cloud. 

Understanding the complexities of adopting hybrid cloud in a manner that meets regulatory scrutiny as well as internal risk management has taken on new meaning in the current landscape surrounding hybrid cloud adoption. One of the key issues that financial services companies must understand are the need for effective controls and clearly defining what security they must bring as part of the shared responsibility and what security they must be reliant upon their hybrid cloud provider. It is also important to understand that the adoption of hybrid cloud still requires the same level of threat intelligence and being prepared for a major cyber security attack.

Join IBM's hybrid cloud security experts along with the Managing Director of Cloud Security from Morgan Stanley on September 24th to hear first hand the most important security and compliance requirements for adopting Hybrid Cloud as well as lessons learned and best practices from Morgan Stanley's adoption of hybrid cloud. This will be the 3rd and final part of a 3-part series bringing together financial services organizations on the importance of how to tackle threat management.