SOC analysts are being overwhelmed by alerts and spend a large portion of their time chasing down and investigating false alarms. This is leading to analyst burnout and affecting their morale, resulting in high churn rates. Overworked and overwhelmed SOC analysts often waste around 50% of their time every day sifting through false alerts and investigating problems that are insignificant or not really problems at all.

Recent studies show that on average security analysts don’t have time to look at close to half of the alerts received daily. Of those, only a small fraction of the alerts that they do look at and get identified as threats get remediated, leaving a large number of threats unresolved.

An effective way to improve SOC analyst efficiency and effectiveness is to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to identify, analyze, investigate and prioritize security alerts. Specifically, AI can help by:

  • Reducing or eliminating insignificant alerts
  • Prioritizing alerts according to severity

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