Digital transformation is a catch-all term these days, but in the case of endpoints, there truly is a transformation taking place.

Mobility in the enterprise no longer refers solely to smartphones and tablets as Windows 10, Chrome OS, and macOS redefine the expectations of a laptop and desktop operating system.

Data exfiltration and app management extend beyond the typical triad of email, calendar, and contacts as organizations embrace the need for a wide array of cloud applications hosting corporate data—expanding and reshaping what used to be smaller, more neatly defined security perimeters

And in a business environment increasingly reliant on automation and data analytics, non-traditional devices under the umbrellas of IoT, ruggedized, augmented and virtual reality, dominate factory floors, labs, and all manner of consumer-facing arenas.

On October 17th at 2pm ET,  join experts from IBM as they discuss how unified endpoint management (UEM) can address modern endpoint use cases such as:

  • Protecting data across a complex cloud app environment
  • Building a bridge to modern laptop and desktop management
  • Supporting enterprise innovation on any endpoint, in any setting