Phishing is not new. We have all received phishing emails at one point or another, and some of us have even taken bait. Recently, IBM Security has seen an uptick in the number of phishing attacks against the Office 365 platform. Whether it’s spreading ransomware, phishing for account credentials, or remote-controlling endpoints, the vast majority of these attacks start by leveraging a phishing scam. 

Join this live webinar to learn why hackers prefer targeting Office 365 users and the tactics they use to infiltrate organizations. See a live demonstration of how to respond to an actual phishing attack, showcasing the steps taken by the SOC team to detect, respond and remediate the attack. Building on tight integration between QRadar and Resilient, the demo will show how to leverage security automation to scale your response to phishing attacks and create dashboards for either internal or external reporting within your organization, monitoring network activity within your organization and overall visibility within your QRadar and Resilient deployments.