The cybersecurity industry has an ever-growing number of vendors and products, resulting in the fact that enterprise cybersecurity teams are on average using 25 to 49 different security tools from up to 10 different vendors, each of which generate an explosion of data & insights (ESG 2019). While these tools routinely have integrations amongst one another, there is a lack of industry-wide vendor cooperation on protocols and standards surrounding sharing cybersecurity insight and findings data.

The solution to the problem is to integrate disparate point products, out of the box, through open source technology and cross vendor collaboration, enabling them to freely exchange information, insights, analytics, and orchestrated response. This would free up the end users from acting like systems integrators and developing connectors to those point products. This is the mission of the Open Cybersecurity Alliance.

The Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA), an OASIS Open Project with IBM Security and McAfee as the initial contributors, is comprised of like-minded cybersecurity vendors, end users, thought leaders and individuals from around the world who are interested in fostering an open cybersecurity ecosystem and solving the interoperability problem. This would be done via commonly developed code and tooling, using mutually agreed upon technologies, standards, and procedures.

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