The financial services industry continues to be a major focus for bad actors. Understanding new attack vectors and being prepared for when a cyber incident does occur is a paramount requirement within a threat management plan for financial services organizations. Often times a lack of training, a gap in necessary cyber skills, or insufficient tools stand in the way of a firm's ability to respond and remediate properly. It is critical that organizations adopt a posture of "train like you fight and fight like you train" to test the preparedness level to respond to an attack along the lines of major ones in the news headlines. 


Join IBM's cybersecurity and incident response experts along with the Director of Incident Response from TD Bank on September 10th to hear first hand the top 10 lessons from the IBM X-Force Command Center, a highly immersive and interactive cyber simulation center where over 1,500 financial services customers have tested their readiness to respond to a breach. These exercises include technical war games, business response exercises, and board of directors level scenarios – all of which help highlight specific actions that companies should take to better prepare themselves to respond to an attack.    

This will be the 2nd part of a 3-part series bringing together financial services organizations on the importance of how to tackle threat management. Our third and final session will be the following week, September 18th, where we'll wrap with Hybrid Cloud Security and the urgency that small banks must have in terms of having the proper controls in place.