Manage inappropriate and malicious web content. IBM® X-Force® Exchange Software Development Kit (SDK) leverages IBM X-Force’s skills and extensive infrastructure to help deliver and maintain a set of threat intelligence focused on the areas of URL filtering, IP reputation, and web application profiles. This Software Development Kit (SDK) uses an up-to-date URL filter database—also known as a web filter database—hence providing accurate analysis. It also provides an application programming interface (API) to facilitate integration.

IBM Security Content Analysis Software Development Kit:

  • Access accurate and up-to-date information on three key types of threat intelligence: URL categorization on over 25 billion evaluated web pages and images, IP reputation on over 860,000 evaluated IPs, and 3,900 web application profiles
  • Optimized for fast access to threat intelligence for high throughput applications
  • Enable easy integration, flexible configuration, built-in licensing and customized ticket options

Provides access to a URL and IP filter database

  • Database contains more than 130 million entries with more than 25 billion evaluated web pages and images
  • Evaluated web pages and images are indexed into 73 categories, including gambling, phishing and malware
  • Clients receive updates that contain nearly 150,000 updated and newly categorized websites daily
  • Filter technology covers 45 languages and 250 countries

Enables profiling on web applications

  • Web application profile technology analyzes websites in depth to provide insights on the application
  • Recognizes the URL semantics of web applications to enable administrators to disallow certain activity on web-based applications
  • Actions for web application include audio/video chat, share, software updates, opening an app, stream/download, and write/post/chat

Enables integration

  • API enables you to categorize URLs, define web application policies and configure other filtering capabilities
  • A software licensing system handles subscription expiration and generates demonstration tickets