IBM Resilient’s mission is to help organizations thrive in the face of cyberattacks and business crises. IBM Resilient helped create the market more than five years ago by building the industry-leading Incident Response Platform.

By using the Resilient Incident Response Platform, security teams can create a central hub for response that orchestrates the full response process dynamically, enabling faster, more intelligent response and mitigation. The Resilient Incident Response Platform (IRP) is one of the industry’s only platforms that enables complete incident response orchestration across people, process, and technology.

  • People: The Resilient IRP enables cross-organization collaboration between the SOC, HR, IT ops, and executives
  • Process: The Resilient IRP provides Dynamic Playbooks that are built on NIST/CERT/SANS standards, yet easy to customize with organizational SOPs
  • Technology: The Resilient Incident Response Platform’s open and agnostic platform integrates with your security infrastructure and establishes a central hub for IR

The Resilient Incident Response Platform (IRP) Standard arms organizations with a powerful, dynamic platform for managing and resolving cyber security incidents.

With the IBM Resilient IRP Standard, incident response teams can:

  • Develop and refine incident response plans – create consistent, repeatable, and measurable incident response processes for all incident types
  • Hone their skills – leverage incident simulation capabilities to test response plans, identify gaps, and refine response processes
  • Create and track incidents – All incidents are captured and followed through to resolution, through the incident’s lifecycle
  • Customize comprehensive dashboards and reporting – ensuring that senior leadership can access the right information immediately
  • Collaborate and coordinate teams across the response process – including IT, legal, marketing, HR, and the executive team, and ensure business units understand their role when needed in a response

  • IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform Standard Plus Privacy – The Resilient Privacy Module provides a configurable platform for data breach preparation, assessment, notification, and management
  • IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform Standard Plus ActionOrchestrate and automate your incident response processes with the Resilient Action Module. Integrate with your existing security investments to create a single hub for incident response