“The automation of automation, the automation of intelligence, is such an incredible idea that if we could continue to improve this capability, the applications are really quite boundless.”

Jensen Huang

Ansible Automation Platform out of the box, is already such a powerful system and tool for automating repetitive tasks and configuring and updating hundreds of systems and computers in-network and remotely. Combine that robustness with enterprise security applications like IBM’s Qradar SIEM or Check Point NGFW Firewall for businesses, and you have a winning and efficient security solution/package.

In our workshop, we will learn what Ansible for security actually is and what it can do in the scope of cybersecurity. We will learn a few practical applications and cover how one can scale the processes to cover a growing enterprise.

Learn how you can achieve:

  • 94%   Reduction in recovery time following a security incident
  • 84% Savings by deploying workloads to generic systems appliances using Ansible Tower
  • 67% Reduction in man hours required for customer deliveries

And there’s plenty more that Ansible can do for any security team. Register below and join in on our workshop to learn how Ansible can benefit your company and security team.