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Solution Overview

For customers that require a stronger level of authentication, such as multi-factor with the use of a certificate-based, PIV card, OnCloud has built-in capability to support this increasingly common use case. A Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card is a United States federal smart card that contains necessary data for the cardholder to be granted access to federal facilities and assure appropriate levels of security for all applicable federal applications – the Department of Defense (DoD) equivalent to a PIV card is known as a Common Access Card (CAC). Due to the recent OPM security breach, this is becoming a more common use case because of the new mandatory requirement that many federal agencies that hold sensitive data on their applications will need to strengthen their levels of authentication.

In this webinar we will address how you can meet this mandatory compliance requirement with OnWire’s comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) Platform – OnCloud®. OnCloud follows FedRAMP standards, has a presence in SoftLayer FedRAMP-compliant datacenters, and utilizes IBM’s market-leading IAM technology. Joe Hamblin, the IBM Federal Chief Security Architect, will be our guest speaker for this webinar. Joe has over twenty years experience in security, 17+ years with IBM, leading the Federal security business. He has led significant security implementations which serve as many as 22 million users at Federal agencies. Joe will discuss how IBM plans to address this use case.