IBM® InfoSphere® Guardium® Data Activity Monitor prevents unauthorized data access, alerts on changes or leaks to help ensure data integrity, automates compliance controls and protects against internal and external threats. Continuous monitoring and real time security policies protect data across the enterprise without changes to databases or applications or performance impact. InfoSphere Guardium Data Activity Monitor is a market leader for big data security solutions delivering a 239% ROI in less than 6 months and protects data at the source where controls are the most scalable and effective.

InfoSphere Guardium Data Activity Monitor can:

  • Monitor and audit all data activity for all platforms and protocols.
  • Enforce security policies in real time for all data access, change control and user activities.
  • Create a centralized repository of audit data for enterprise compliance, reporting and forensics.
  • Support heterogeneous environments all leading platforms, file shares and operating systems, including big data environments.

Monitor and audit all data activity

  • Understand and develop complete visibility into all transactions for all platforms and protocols by users including database administrators, developers, outsourced personnel and applications.
  • Identify application users who make unauthorized changes from common service accounts.
  • Provide user and application access monitoring independent of native database logging and audit functions.
  • Improve data security by detecting unusual database read and update activity from the application layer.
  • Automate sensitive data discovery and classification.

Enforce security policies in real time

  • Monitor and enforce security policies for sensitive data access, privileged user actions, change control, application user activities and security exceptions.
  • Use access policies to identify anomalous behavior by comparing data activity to a normal behavior baseline.
  • Support exception policies based on definable thresholds such as SQL errors.
  • Use extrusion policies to examine data leaving the database for specific value patterns such as credit card numbers.
  • Support policy-based actions such as near real time security alerts, software blocking and user quarantines.

Create a centralized repository of audit data

  • Aggregate data throughout your enterprise for compliance auditing and reporting, correlation and forensics without enabling native database audit functions.
  • Provide a tamper-proof audit trail that supports the separation of duties required by auditors.
  • Deliver customizable compliance workflow automation to generate compliance reports and distribute them to oversight teams for electronic sign-offs and escalation.

Support heterogeneous environments

  • Monitor and audit Hadoop-based systems such as IBM InfoSphere BigInsights™ and Cloudera.
  • Support enterprise databases and operating systems including IBM DB2®, Teradata, IBM PureSystems, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, UNIX and Linux.
  • Support key enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management applications as well as custom and packaged applications.
  • Provide capabilities to track file-sharing activities on major platforms including Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Discover and classify sensitive enterprise data for all platforms and protocols.