The modern CISO knows that data is the engine for growth, the key to customer insights and makes new revenue streams possible. They also know that when data is compromised, business can come to a halt, compliance fines can soar into the billions, and digital trust is broken. The reality is that more data is hosted and processed on IBM Z® than any other platform and to get at it, cybercriminals are targeting mainframe systems through traditional weak points (such as code vulnerabilities and over-credentialed users) while unleashing new attacks once considered far-fetched to penetrate the mainframe, like phishing and hacking. To compound the problem, cybersecurity talent is already in short supply and finding it with mainframe expertise is an ongoing struggle.

One way to offset these challenges is to establish effective processes to manage user administration, audit configurations and monitor changes and events. That’s where the IBM® Security zSecure™ suite comes in. This comprehensive set of products can help enhance the security of IBM Z systems by automating administration and audit processes, while easing the burden of compliance measures along the way.

The zSecure suite can:

  • Help increase security and decrease complexity
  • Help free security administrators to focus on security
  • Monitor and audit incidents to help detect security exposures and assess compliance

IBM Security zSecure Solutions: