IBM® Security zSecure™ Compliance and Administration simplifies security administration for IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®). It includes several IBM Security zSecure products that measure and verify the effectiveness of controls with policies and standards, including automated event analysis, alerts and reports.

IBM Security zSecure Compliance and Administration includes:

  • IBM Security zSecure Admin: Provides a layer on top of RACF for mainframe security administration
  • IBM Security zSecure Visual: Enables RACF administration with a Microsoft Windows-based interface
  • IBM Security zSecure Audit: Enables detection and reporting of security events and exposures
  • IBM Security zSecure Alert: Designed to detect internal and external threats with real-time monitoring
  • IBM Security zSecure Command Verifier: Helps enforce policy and standards for mainframe security to ensure compliance

IBM Security zSecure Compliance and Administration:

  • Helps assess and meet industry and regulatory compliance demands through proactive policy enforcement
  • Monitors events and customizes audit reports to help detect and prevent security exposures
  • Automates tasks to help reduce costs, improve productivity and reduce risk
  • Reduces complexity of RACF administration to improve security management and productivity

Helps assess and meet industry and regulatory compliance demands

  • Offers compliance framework testing for Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG)
  • Monitors privileged users to detect compliance violations and insider abuse
  • Enforces policies to prevent non-compliant RACF commands
  • Automates and customizes audit and compliance reporting
  • Blocks and corrects noncompliant and miscoded RACF commands as they are being issued to help maintain strong controls and the availability of systems

Monitors events and customizes audit reports

  • Analyzes activity to detect, prioritize, and remediate security exposures
  • Offers integration and consolidation of a broad range of security relevant events provided to IBM Security QRadar® SIEM and other security information and event management (SIEM) products for analysis, dashboard monitoring and reporting
  • Designed to raise real-time security alerts to quickly address potential threats
  • Prioritizes remediation and protection efforts based on analysis of event severity
  • Creates custom alerts to handle common conditions and business needs

Automates tasks

  • Replaces manual audits with automated analysis, threat detection and customizable reports
  • Automates synchronization and cleanup of RACF databases using predefined reports
  • Merges RACF databases for consolidations and re-organizations and synchronizes multiple databases
  • Helps avoid problems with automated change management to comply with policies
  • Tracks and monitors baseline security and library changes

Reduces complexity of RACF administration

  • Simplifies user provisioning, password resets and resource access management
  • Improves efficiency and synchronization support for multiple RACF databases by using a single point of control to route RACF commands and reports to many systems
  • Performs RACF database cleanup to remove unused or obsolete authorizations and security definitions
  • Decentralizes RACF administration and enforces separation of duties
  • Delegates and decentralizes RACF administration tasks to less skilled resources