IBM® Security zSecure™ Administration is a solution that consists of two IBM Security zSecure products that simplify mainframe security administration. It automates recurring system administration functions and enhances IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®) user provisioning, resource access and system security management. These capabilities allow security personnel to improve the maturity of mainframe security.

IBM Security zSecure Administration includes IBM Security zSecure Admin—an administration, user management and compliance management layer for RACF—and IBM Security zSecure Visual—a graphical interface that enriches functionality.

IBM Security zSecure Administration:

  • Automates and simplifies security administrative tasks to help increase efficiency and reduce errors
  • Identifies potential problems quickly to help minimize security breaches and reduce risk
  • Administers multiple systems from a single session to accelerate the deployment of changes, RACF database merges and RACF cleanup
  • Consolidates, delegates or decentralizes mainframe security management and provides separation of duties

Automates and simplifies administrative tasks

  • Automates recurring, time-consuming RACF tasks to reduce administrative workload
  • Simplifies user provisioning, resetting of passwords and administration for resource access
  • Automates synchronization and cleanup of RACF databases based on predefined reports
  • Demonstrates compliance with corporate policy, industry standards and regulations

Identifies potential problems quickly

  • Displays occurrences or cross references of a user ID or group
  • Displays dangerous settings that could be exploited
  • Tests and simulates RACF changes using an offline RACF database copy
  • Performs RACF database cleanup to remove unused authorizations and security definitions

Administers multiple systems from a single session

  • Merges RACF databases to support company mergers and acquisitions
  • Supports multi-line commands and operations spanning multiple and complex RACF databases
  • Enables visibility and management of profiles from an easy-to-use Microsoft Windows interface
  • Offers customizable user displays to include integration with human resources data and other external sources

Consolidates, delegates or decentralizes mainframe security management

  • Performs user and resource management without requiring extra security privileges
  • Enables decentralized RACF administration and separation of duties
  • Helps delegate simple RACF administration tasks to less skilled resources
  • Reduces privileged user abuse with separation of duties and highly flexible scoping