Cybercriminals pose a serious threat to your account and personal information. Your bank is making available to you IBM Trusteer Rapport to help you protect your device during online banking sessions. IBM provides this service to your bank, and is providing Trusteer Rapport software to you on your bank’s behalf.

IBM Trusteer Rapport helps to protect you from online cybercrime by detecting phishing attempts and by blocking and removing malware. It may also detect when your computer might be under attack by cybercriminals.

Trusteer Rapport is not designed to collect your personal information; however, in the course of its normal operations it may do so. Trusteer Rapport collects information to learn about and combat suspected attacks in order to enhance the ability of Rapport and other IBM security products to protect you and other end users, to learn about suspected program malfunction, and to provide you with support services.

Information collected by Trusteer Rapport is mainly system level information about how your computer is working in order to see if something is not working as expected. This system level information, which can include your IP address, is stored in de-identified form and may be kept for the term of the service IBM provides to your bank. In the event that personal information is collected during a malware investigation, IBM will securely destroy it no more than 90 days after collection.

IBM Trusteer Rapport does not collect bank account information. It does not continually monitor or track your online activity. Personal data is not used for advertising or for creating a profile of you.

Depending on where you bank is located and its deployment model, your personal data may be processed in the United States, Germany, Israel and/or Japan. IBM Trusteer Rapport complies with Privacy Shield.