IBM® Security Trusteer Pinpoint Malware Detection™ Advanced Edition accurately detects malware-infected devices and determines both the nature of the threat and the potential risk. Organizations receive alerts when malware-infected devices are accessing their websites and can take action to prevent potential fraud.

IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Malware Detection Advanced Edition offers:

  • Detection of malware-infected devices including personal computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Accurate determination of fraud risk levels to help create a security-rich user experience
  • Alerts for high-risk devices that are sent directly to the fraud team of the organization
  • Malware removal for organizations using IBM Security Trusteer Rapport®
  • High-risk transaction reporting to IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint™ Criminal Detection and risk engines

Detection of malware-infected devices

  • Offers near real-time detection of man-in-the-browser malware-infected devices
  • Initiates a device analysis to detect malware infections when users access applications protected by the software
  • Provides details on the specific malware kit that was used to generate the malware variant
  • Delivers a transparent experience for the user with no software installation required
  • Detects evolving threats and new attack vectors

Accurate determination of fraud risk levels

  • Determines the fraud risk level for each online transaction, login or other high-risk action
  • Anticipates that malware configured to attack an online application accessed by the infected device represents a higher risk than malware not currently targeting that application
  • Delivers accurate detection with virtually no false positives

Alerts for high-risk devices

  • Notify the fraud team of the potential threat when malware is detected
  • Allow fraud and security personnel to reach out to the customer and address threat mitigation
  • Let the fraud team suspend or review suspicious transactions associated with an infected device or compromised account

Malware removal

  • Removes malware from infected devices and protects against future infections with IBM Security Trusteer Rapport
  • Allows users to safely execute online transactions from their machine
  • High-risk transaction reporting
  • Feeds malware detection events by email, batch files or direct feeds into IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Criminal Detection and third-party risk engines
  • Sends findings to third-party risk engines to help determine both the risk levels of transactions and mitigating activities
  • Reports accounts that are accessed by malware-infected devices to IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Criminal Detection to allow detection of account takeover attempts using stolen credentials