IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect helps protect online banking sites against account takeover, fraudulent transactions, and can detect end user devices infected with high risk malware. With this new release, and by leveraging behavioral biometrics capabilities, Pinpoint Detect can transparently build user profiles that can continuously authenticate online identities and more efficiently differentiate between legitimate customers and fraudsters.

Trusteer Pinpoint Detect incorporates cognitive behavioral biometrics capabilities, using patented analytics and machine learning for real-time cognitive fraud detection. The behavioral biometric capabilities use machine learning to help understand how users interact with banking websites, creating models based on patterns of mouse movements that become increasingly more accurate over time.

When users access their online banking site, IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect is designed to:

  • Enable a real-time risk assessment with an actionable recommendations
  • Employ behavioral biometrics capabilities to seamlessly build models based on patterns of mouse movements in real-time and analyze patterns against learned user behavior and known fraud patterns
  • Identify access using compromised credentials and provide actionable recommendations to help detect and mitigate fraudulent activities

To provide an additional protection layer, IBM Trusteer mobile solutions can integrate with Pinpoint Detect using an embedded software development kit. This component assesses risk information from the mobile device – such as malware infections, root and jailbroken information, accurate geolocation and Wi-Fi security status.