IBM® Trusteer Pinpoint™ Criminal Detection helps protect online and mobile channels against account takeover and fraudulent transactions by combining traditional device IDs, geolocation and transactional modeling, and critical fraud indicators. This information is correlated using big-data technologies to link events across time, users and activities. Phishing, malware and other high-risk indicators are used for evidence-based fraud detection.

By matching new and spoofed device fingerprints, phishing incidents and malware-infected account access history, Trusteer Pinpoint Criminal Detection can help to identify account takeover attempts, minimize customer burden and eliminate IT overhead.

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Criminal Detection provides:

  • Complex device fingerprinting that detects new, spoofed (proxy) and known criminal devices, and is dynamically generated by a state-of-the-art device ID component
  • Login anomaly detection to provide protection from fraudulent access to user accounts
  • Transaction anomaly detection to help safeguard payment to new payees or specific geographic locations and exceptional payment amounts
  • Phishing detection that reports on phishing incidents and provides an accurate indication of compromised accounts
  • Automated fraudster tagging that uses a global criminal device database based on intelligence from hundreds of organizations worldwide
  • Powerful protection against mobile fraud that helps organizations address complex cross-channel attacks
  • Correlation of online and mobile banking risk data for reliable mobile risk detection
  • Mobile risk assessment based on device and account risk factors to help mitigate mobile risk by producing actionable recommendations to allow, restrict or deny user or device access.