IBM® Security Trusteer Apex™ Advanced Malware Protection provides protection against unknown, zero-day threats and advanced malware without impacting user productivity. This software protects endpoints throughout the threat lifecycle by applying an integrated, multilayered defense that breaks the attack chain and preempts infection.

IBM Security Trusteer Apex Advanced Malware Protection delivers:

  • Credential protection from cyber attackers who use phishing schemes or breached third-party databases to manipulate users.
  • Exploit chain disruption to help prevent stealthy infection of user applications.
  • Advanced malware detection and prevention to prevent mass-distributed malware infections and detect legacy threats.
  • Lockdown for Java to enable the safe use of Java applications while preventing untrusted Java applications from executing high-risk actions.

Credential protection

  • Preempts credential exposure by blocking credential-stealing malware.
  • Protects users from submitting their credentials to harmful phishing sites.
  • Allows enterprises to enforce password reuse policies resulting in less exposure from third-party site compromises.

Exploit chain disruption

  • Stops the exploit code from using known or unknown (zero-day) vulnerabilities to write a file to the file system and execute it.
  • Protects commonly exploited and widely used applications that process untrusted external content, including browsers, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash, Java and Microsoft Office.
  • Blocks the execution of files created from exploitation of vulnerabilities in these applications, helping prevent malware from compromising the endpoint.

Advanced malware detection and prevention

  • Prevent and mitigate massively distributed malware infections.
  • Detect and protect against known legacy threats.
  • Use a cloud-based repository consolidating feeds from 20 antivirus engines to help maximize efficacy and operational simplicity.

Lockdown for Java

  • Prevents high-risk actions by malicious Java applications.
  • Increases the trust level for Java applications, reducing false positives and user disruption.