IBM® Security SiteProtector™ System is a centralized management system that unifies management and analysis for network, server and endpoint security agents and appliances. It reduces the cost and complexity of security management, helps you monitor and measure your exposure to vulnerabilities and demonstrate regulatory compliance. IBM Security SiteProtector system can help minimize your overall risk and increase the efficacy of your security team, while optimizing cost efficiency.

IBM Security SiteProtector is supported by and integrated with the IBM X-Force® research and development team, its tools, online security information and security updates.

IBM Security SiteProtector System:

  • Reduces cost and complexity of security management through central control of diverse network and host security devices.
  • Helps you evaluate and communicate your risk posture through event analytics and flexible, customizable reporting.
  • Provides flexibility to expand to support additional types and functions of security offerings.

Reduces cost and complexity

  • Automates and helps simplify tasks, such as setting policies, applying updates, scanning and enabling protection.
  • Provides one system to deploy, learn and maintain; one vendor to turn to for support; and one console to control your security infrastructure.
  • Helps organize your security devices to create groupings for an enterprise-wide risk perspective of assets, threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Helps you correlate and prioritize vulnerability and threat information and increase the priority level of alerts.
  • Facilitates a roles and permissions model to help you delegate responsibilities.

Helps you evaluate and communicate your risk posture

  • Identifies risk, performs threat mitigation, reduces maintenance, performs event monitoring and analysis, sets security policy and discovers vulnerabilities.
  • Offers reporting capabilities to help you sort information by virtually any parameter and allows you to make timely adjustments to policies.
  • Provides guided analysis capabilities to help transform new security analysts into trained specialists.
  • Offers an array of reports that not only help ease compliance measures but also provide details regarding security breaches.

Provides flexibility to expand

  • Easily deploy and manage other types of IBM intrusion prevention solutions, including network and host intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and protection for virtual servers.
  • Facilitates the addition of policies into your security system—with virtually no increase in operational cost.
  • Helps eliminate the need for staff to learn new systems when you add new protection.