IBM® Security Network Intrusion Prevention System appliances are designed to stop constantly evolving threats before they impact your business. This means providing both high levels of protection and performance, while lowering the overall cost and complexity associated with deploying and managing a large number of point solutions.

IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System:

  • Achieve unmatched levels of performance without compromising breadth and depth of security.
  • Protect business-critical assets such as networks, servers, endpoints and applications—from malicious threats.
  • Reduce cost and complexity by consolidating point solutions and integrating with other security tools.
  • Gain advanced threat protection, powered by the IBM® X-Force® research and development team.

Achieve unmatched levels of performance

  • Offers performance beyond 20 Gbps of inspected throughput, low latency and optimized availability.
  • Eliminates the need to choose between high levels of security and performance.

Protect business-critical assets

  • Ability to easily add new protection modules as threats evolve.
  • Addresses a wide spectrum of security risks, from worms and botnets to web application and data security issues.
  • IBM Virtual Patch® technology shields vulnerabilities from exploitation independent of a software patch.
  • Client-side application protection protects end users against attacks targeting applications used daily.

Reduce cost and complexity

  • Provides features above and beyond traditional network intrusion prevention to help eliminate many point solutions.
  • Integrates with other security technologies such as IBM Security AppScan to provide a more holistic approach to critical areas such as application security.
  • Provides a key data feed to the IBM Security QRadar Security Intelligence Platform.

Gain advanced threat protection

  • Preconfigured with the X-Force default security policy that provides security protection verified by X-Force researchers.
  • X-Force research and development team delivers the content updates that maintain ahead-of-the-threat protection.