Monitor and mask confidential information within Hadoop to protect privacy. IBM® Security Guardium® Data Privacy for Hadoop de-identifies and monitors sensitive data that resides within big data environments. The solution provides a set of Apache Hadoop capabilities to mask or redact data, monitor and audit data activity and maintain common data definitions. IBM Security Guardium Data Privacy for Hadoop protects data and supports compliance initiatives across all variety of Hadoop environments.

IBM Security Guardium Data Privacy for Hadoop helps organizations:

  • Define and share big data and enterprise data definitions to provide a common understanding across the enterprise
  • Mask or redact sensitive data based on business policies
  • Align data privacy investments with Hadoop and enterprise big data strategies

Define and share big data and enterprise data definitions

  • Protect sensitive big data needed for analysis
  • Promote information sharing for successful big data projects
  • Create a well-documented information blueprint to verify that you have aligned your business requirements with your enterprise and reference architectures before starting your strategic project
  • Establish a common business language and manage business perspectives about big data, aligning those views with the IT perspective

Mask or redact sensitive data

  • Mask confidential data dynamically in big data environments
  • Extend compliance initiatives to Hadoop environments
  • Apply a range of masking techniques to transform personally identifying information and other confidential corporate data
  • Take advantage of prepackaged data masking routines to transform complex data elements, such as credit card numbers, email addresses and national identifiers, while retaining their contextual meaning

Align data privacy investments with Hadoop

  • Discover and classify sensitive enterprise data for Hadoop environments
  • Understand and develop visibility into Hadoop platform transactions
  • Monitor and enforce security policies for sensitive data access, privileged user actions, change control, application user activities and security exceptions
  • Use access policies to identify anomalous behavior by comparing data activity to a normal behavior baseline
  • Enforce security-rich policies in near real time for data access, change control and user activities