IBM® Security Access Manager allows organization to take back control of their access management system with a single integrated platform that manages access across many common scenarios. Access Manager helps secure access points into the corporate network and enforce risk-based access policies that define who and what can access protected resources. The solution is a modular platform for web access management, web application protection, mobile access management, cloud access management, risk-based access and identity federation. The integrated appliance form factor allows for easy and flexible deployment and maintenance.

Access Manager helps centrally secure internal and external user access points into the corporate network from web and mobile channels. Highly scalable and configurable, the solution is designed to provide a policy-based user authentication and authorization system that helps defend against the latest web-based security threats. IBM Security Access Manager delivers a security appliance that helps secure user access and protect content against common web attacks.

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IBM Security Access Manager Features:

Go mobile with IBM Verify

IBM Security Access Manager introduces IBM Verify, its new mobile multi-factor authentication capability. Watch the video below to learn more about this exciting, new capability!

Establish identity federation

Complex access management systems create complex authentication processes and identity federation helps address this complexity. Learn how federation is possible with IBM Security Access Manager.

Strike a balance between security and usability

The IBM Security Access Manager’s identity federation module helps you securely integrate third party SaaS applications into your existing infrastructure while providing your users with a smooth single sign-on experience on desktop and mobile.

Fight unauthorized access

Adopt risk-based access controls with IBM Security Access Manager’s risk-scoring engine. This feature enforces context-aware authorization using information about your users, their mobile devices and other session-based information, without interfering with the end-user’s session.

Securely adopt mobile

Have a strong control of your critical assets even on mobile. ISAM establishes strong mobile multi-factor authentication that helps you allow, challenge or deny mobile requests based on risk factors like application data, geographic location and IP reputation.

Ensure strong authentication

Ensure strong authentication that goes beyond the username and password. Allow for multi-factor authentication or challenge a risky access request with a one time password, email verification or knowledge-based question.