OnWire is hosting a comprehensive MaaS360 with Watson AI webinar on June 17, 2020 at 11am-12pm.

Machine learning and AI are the new frontier in technology today and can enhance and empower security on all fronts. IBM’s Watson AI along with MaaS360 is no exception. IBM’s MaaS360 with Watson AI provide real time analytics and delivers intelligent actionable steps that you can immediately take to resolve many security vulnerabilities.

It’s like having a second brain or a skilled analyst working 24/7, digesting millions of information and data points, doing most of the heavy lifting for you. Its system also takes the hassle out of deploying new devices and managing all the different policies required for each.

Join OnWire as we learn how IBM’s MaaS360 with Watson can:

  • Protect company assets by: setting user permissions and restricting user access
  • Support security compliance by: enforcing pin number unlock or other secure unlock feature and enforcing app and system updates
  • Offer additional layers of security through secure app library, secure internet browser, secure file manager, and secure email.
  • Lock out jailbroken and rooted cell phones.
  • Make remotely deploying and managing Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices much more efficient
  • Manage the different use cases or groups that have different policies/requirement more easily
  • And more….

We look forward to seeing you there!