IBM® MaaS360® Secure Mobile Browser safeguards data and increases productivity by controlling access to corporate intranet and public websites for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. It is a full-featured web browser that enforces compliance of company security policies. The software helps to define website filtering and content policies to help ensure that users only access approved web content—reducing the vulnerability from risky websites.

MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser provides:

  • A full-featured web browser that protects corporate data and increases productivity for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices
  • A centralized management platform that provides your employees with protected access to corporate intranet sites and networks with no VPN required
  • Control of the mobile internet experience through granular security policies
  • A solution to your mobile web challenges that covers a wide range of business needs

A full-featured web browser

  • Enables protected access to public websites and corporate intranet sites with no VPN required
  • Enforces compliance of company security, content and human resources policies
  • Provides an intuitive user interface that includes tabbed browsing, bookmarks, search, share and history
  • Defines website filtering and security policies to help ensure that users only access approved web content
  • Provides customized blocking, kiosk mode, near real-time notification, exception and reporting options

A centralized management platform

  • Offers simple policy creation and remote over-the-air assignment
  • Mobilizes Microsoft SharePoint, JIRA, internal wikis, legacy ERP systems and web apps
  • Provides continuous protection with interception of browser traffic
  • Blocks known malware and malicious websites using a scanning engine and reputation database
  • Restricts URLs by category and allows access to specific URLs

Control of the mobile internet experience

  • Allows whitelist exceptions to websites; restricts cookies, copy, paste and print features; and enables kiosk mode
  • Enables organizations to specify categories of content they want to prevent users from accessing, including social networking sites and download sites
  • Filters more than 60 content categories, including advertisements and popups, chat, forums, games, phishing and sports
  • Deploys as a standalone solution for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) without the need to enroll devices in a mobile device management solution

A solution to your mobile web challenges

  • Shared healthcare provider devices: Safeguard patient records and optimize utilization of shared devices by focusing on medical reference and point-of-care websites; provide access to intranet sites without a VPN
  • Dedicated retail point-of-sale (POS) devices: Protect on-device data by enabling kiosk mode to lock down POS devices to specific websites for checkout, inventory lookup or web store availability
  • Shared teaching devices: Restrict access to mature content for shared learning devices in the classroom
  • Hospitality concierge devices: Increase the efficiency of your hospitality staff by enabling kiosk mode to limit devices to checking in or out, view facility amenities and access local weather or traffic
  • Event demonstration devices: Boost the utility of your demonstration staff by allowing access to only a few, select websites at your kiosk