IBM® MaaS360® Mobile Document Sync enhances productivity and efficiency by enabling users to synchronize documents across managed mobile devices. Documents are contained and stored safely—in the cloud and on the device—to help ensure data security.

IBM MaaS360 Mobile Document Sync features:

  • Mobile document synchronization: Access, view, manage and edit documents from device to device
  • Data leak protection: Edit documents in an encrypted container with data leak controls
  • Safe document storage: Store files with security safeguards in the cloud and on devices
  • Content collaboration: Share documents with security controls
  • Integration: Integrates with IBM MaaS360 Mobile Document Security Suite, IBM MaaS360 Mobile Data Productivity Suite and IBM MaaS360 Mobile Gateway Suite

Mobile document synchronization:

  • Synchronize content across smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Retrieve documents through the documents folder on devices
  • Access files through a user portal with a web browser

Data leak protection:

  • Conduct online and offline device compliance checks before allowing access
  • Restrict cut, copy and paste functions from the container
  • Restrict opening documents in unmanaged and personal apps

Safe document storage:

  • Store content on devices in a data container
  • Enable data leak protection restrictions
  • Synchronize and access documents in the IBM MaaS360 cloud storage with full security controls

Content collaboration:

  • Share documents by providing unique links to files
  • Enable security controls on shared documents
  • Avoid sending large documents by email


  • View and edit documents with IBM MaaS360 Mobile Document Editor
  • Email content more easily with IBM MaaS360 Secure Mobile Mail
  • Upload files to content repositories with IBM MaaS360 Mobile Gateway for Documents