IBM® MaaS360® Mobile Application Management helps simplify mobile application management. It provides an enterprise app catalog with built-in security and operational lifecycle management capabilities, allowing you to more securely manage apps across mobile devices. App catalogs for iOS and Android have been revamped in collaboration with Apple & Google designers; now offering a native OS experience to users. It’s now easier than ever to discover new, recommended, and popular applications from a single repository.

MaaS360 Mobile Application Management provides these features and benefits:

  • Enterprise app catalog to help you streamline mobile app deployment
  • Mobile application lifecycle management to help distribute, update, manage and protect public and enterprise mobile apps
  • Compliance and enforcement to help stop data leaks
  • App volume purchase program support to help manage and track bulk app licenses

Enterprise app catalog

  • Help increase employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies more safely
  • Distribute a catalog of public and enterprise apps needed for work by users
  • Showcase featured apps and create app bundles for functional areas and specific categories. Enable users to quickly view, install and update apps
  • Centrally manage mobile apps using a web-based console

Mobile application lifecycle management

  • Take advantage of best practice application management workflows
  • Use integration with public app stores to simplify app distribution
  • Deliver apps to users, groups of users or individual devices, and track their installation and public app updates
  • Distribute multiple apps in app bundles, rather than one app at a time, for more efficient workflows
  • Users can easily rate apps after they’ve been installed on their devices, providing feedback to your enterprise developers and IT operations staff
  • Protect enterprise apps with IBM MaaS360 Mobile Application Security to prevent data leaks

Compliance and enforcement

  • Blacklist, whitelist and set required apps
  • Limit native apps on a device (for example, native browser)
  • Restrict access for jailbroken or rooted devices
  • Enforce on-device access control and automated compliance with policies and regulations
  • Block email access, restrict network resources and perform remote wipes

App volume purchase program support

  • Purchase bulk app licenses and automatically upload redemption codes
  • Help save money by retaining full ownership and control over VPP licenses of apps and books when users no longer need them
  • Distribute and install prepaid apps without users needing to visit app stores
  • Track provisioning, manage licenses and monitor compliance