IBM® MaaS360® Gateway for Documents can enable security-rich and seamless access to internal corporate file repositories from mobile devices. With MaaS360 Gateway for Documents, mobile users can access corporate file stores without requiring a device-level VPN connection. This helps to reduce costs, enhance security and simplify workflows.

IBM MaaS360 Gateway for Documents provides these features and benefits:

  • Corporate document access: Retrieve content in systems and repositories—such as IBM Connections, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Windows File Share and network folders—with Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) support
  • No VPN required: Enable mobile users to access files without initiating a device-level VPN session
  • Improved security: Access documents in an encrypted container with data leak controls
  • Better user experience: Enable simpler access to enterprise files without requiring multiple steps
  • Integration with other IBM MaaS360 software: Access IBM MaaS360 Content Suite software for tasks such as editing and synchronizing content