IBM® MaaS360® Gateway for Apps enhances enterprise apps with seamless access to internal data and resources through an in-app VPN tunnel. A full device-level VPN connection is not needed, allowing for enhanced security and a better user experience on mobile devices.

IBM MaaS360 Gateway for Apps offers:

  • An in-app VPN tunnel that enables private apps to access corporate data, content and files that are behind the firewall
  • No VPN requirement so you can access the corporate intranet without initiating a device-level VPN session—helping to reduce costs, enhance security and simplify workflows
  • Enhanced security that allows you to safeguard data in an encrypted app container on mobile devices with data leak controls, and reduce opening corporate networks to devices with the VPN session enabled
  • A better user experience with faster and simpler access to enterprise app data without multiple steps
  • Seamless integration that lets you work smoothly with IBM MaaS360 Mobile Application Security to safeguard data in enterprise apps