Launch profitable services while protecting clients – with IBM BigFix. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) you can add new revenue streams and profitability by offering customers an effective endpoint security solution: IBM BigFix. IBM BigFix identifies and remediates endpoint vulnerabilities in real time. The intelligent agent architecture enables real-time continuous monitoring and enforcement of security policies using a lightweight and rapidly deployable platform.

IBM BigFix for Managed Service Providers can:

  • Greatly benefit your customers with a solution that will identify and remediate vulnerabilities in real time and eliminate configuration drift
  • Greatly benefit you as an MSP providing an additional revenue stream with low startup costs and rapid time to profit
  • Provide the endpoint security your customers want by relieving them of the time-consuming tasks of patching vulnerabilities
  • BigFix Query and the BigFix Continuous Monitoring Dashboard provide customers with instant visibility into security issues

Greatly benefit your customers

  • Real-time assessment and enforcement of security policies and patching
  • Configuration management device and software inventory management
  • Continuously monitors and enforces compliance for endpoints, hardening systems against attack
  • An automated solution that helps them prevent compromise, eliminate vulnerabilities and support regulatory compliance

Greatly benefit you as an MSP

  • Add endpoint security to your managed service offerings – without burdening your security team with a significant new workload, because the focus is on prevention rather than repair
  • Deploy BigFix with minimal infrastructure investment. Traditional IT managed services providers can now enter the security market with a continuous security monitoring and endpoint security service
  • Increase your profitability with a rapid-time-to-value, high-margin solution
  • Expand your market by creating custom solutions for specific customers or target different industries

Provide the endpoint security your customers want

  • Enable customers to inventory exactly which operating systems, applications and endpoints are running in their environments to achieve better security
  • Allow customers to shift endpoint security from a capital expense to an operational expense
  • Free customers from managing multiple point products, enabling them to rely instead on the single, comprehensive BigFix technology

Enable customers to take advantage of two included use cases

  • BigFix Query enables your customers to quickly search their networks, leveraging predefined queries – getting answers in seconds. This significantly enhances your customers’ incident response capabilities
  • The BigFix Customizable Executive Dashboard helps your customers more quickly understand their security posture by enabling them to use the customizable compliance dashboards. This gives customers a range of views into the security status of their endpoints and the value of the managed service