Solution Overview

IBM Cloud Identity Connect includes the full capabilities of IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM) for hybrid and on-premises access management. Organizations already deploying ISAM can integrate easily—in only seconds—with IBM Cloud Identity Connect for a non-disruptive extension of robust IAM technology across the full spectrum of cloud and on-premises applications. ISAM users can continue to support on-premises applications as they transition to the cloud.

The Business Challenge

Employees need quick and simple access to the best applications to get their work done efficiently – and many of these apps lie in the cloud. Cloud application adoption is but this transformation comes with issues that need to be addressed. Employees don’t want to spend time trying to find what apps they have access to, or remembering a different set of usernames and passwords for each one. Managers don’t want to wait on IT Administrators – who are dealing with other IT issues – to provide their employees with app access.

The Security Challenge

IT Security can feel like a roadblock to the business when their identity and access management tools prevent employees from immediately accessing IT resources to which they have legitimate access. How can we streamline and offer delegation relief to these IT Administrators, while providing the business with secure cloud applications? The answer is the simplicity and delegation capabilities that are enabled with IBM Cloud Identity Connect.