Arxan Application Protection for IBM® Solutions extends IBM Security AppScan® vulnerability analysis capabilities to mobile application hardening and runtime protection. It enables developers to incorporate application protection into their workflows, without modifying source code. When deployed in combination with IBM Security AppScan, organizations can more securely build, analyze and release their mobile applications into production.

Arxan Application Protection for IBM Solutions extends your security posture across the mobile application lifecycle—from analysis and remediation to runtime protection. It also enables you to shield individual applications from risks, including hacking attacks and malware exploits. IBM Security AppScan vulnerability analysis capabilities also permit you to identify and remediate security gaps.

Arxan Application Protection for IBM Solutions provides:

  • Code integrity and confidentiality features for mobile application-level protection provided by Arxan technology.
  • Patented Arxan Guard Network technology to guard application integrity.
  • Integration with IBM Security AppScan

Code integrity and confidentiality features

  • Harden applications against potential exploits, such as copying and modification of application code or application logic, including malicious code insertion.
  • Enable you to insert guards directly into the application prior to release, and facilitate both static and runtime protection.
  • Provide static and dynamic protection that defends against threats.
  • Detect attacks at run time and generate alerts when an attack is in progress.

Patented Arxan Guard Network technology

  • Empowers applications to maintain their integrity with customized defend, detect, alert and react security capabilities.
  • Facilitates development of multi-layered guard networks that protect binary mobile application code and guards, preventing a single point of failure.
  • Provides user-defined configurable protection and an automated guard-injection engine.
  • Offers time- and field-tested capabilities, including use in applications that run on more than 300 million devices within leading Fortune 500 organizations.

Integration with IBM Security AppScan

  • Provides dynamic, static, hybrid, run-time and client-side analysis capabilities to uncover application vulnerabilities.
  • Strengthens overall application security and compliance management.
  • Generates detailed reports with intelligent fix recommendations to simplify remediation.
  • Incorporates stronger and more cost-effective security protection into your development lifecycle.