4 Reasons to Consider a Security Marketing Internship

As a student, I’m aware of how the security industry affects me in many ways, especially when it comes to protecting my online identity in an ever-evolving digital world. However, my marketing internship at IBM Security has opened my eyes to cybersecurity in a different way. I’ve become fascinated by the way the industry and its products are perceived and consumed both by consumers and businesses, and I learned that there are countless opportunities for exploration and innovation within the field. Most importantly, I gained a deep appreciation for where security marketing fits into the larger picture and how my efforts contribute to making the world a safer place.

Below are the top four reasons why I’d encourage other prospective interns to explore potential career opportunities in cybersecurity and security marketing.

1. A Unique and Challenging Industry

Security is constantly changing, and now is a great time to hop on board. In my time as a marketing intern at IBM Security, I’ve been challenged to understand the way people consume security products and help to optimize it. The security shopper’s journey is a unique path that requires careful consideration of the how and why behind security buying — in other words, how do people consume security products? This question is equal parts exciting and challenging, and it invites endless opportunities for marketing innovation.

The security industry is also interesting to observe because all businesses, both large and small, compete on an even ground for name recognition. The market isn’t ruled by one large vendor because the nature of the industry affords startups ample opportunity to solve the next big problem. By extension, this presents opportunities for marketers operating within both corporate and startup environments to make a real impact.

2. Infinite Opportunities to Innovate

In an industry as volatile as security, there is a lot of room to experiment with new strategies to conduct and grow business. As the landscape evolves, major players are constantly refining the way they market and sell product offerings. This gives marketers a unique opportunity to establish an understanding of the consumer, invent new ways of engaging such a niche audience and make a meaningful impact within the space.

When it comes to everything from product marketing, to campaign development, to sales, security marketing is constantly evolving, and the field welcomes new and innovative ideas to help optimize the consumer journey.

3. A Rich Diversity of People and Experiences

You meet an incredible variety of people in security that you would never encounter outside the industry. From product marketers to hackers, security houses a colorful range of personalities who, together, make for an exciting and inspiring workforce. And with this diversity also comes a unique work experience.

As a marketer, I am encouraged to think outside my role and put myself in prospective buyers’ shoes. Whether my proverbial customer is in sales, public relations, legal or DevOps, I am constantly thinking of the entirety of our offerings and the myriad touchpoints a consumer can have with IBM Security. From online product trials, to hacker events and even immersive cyber range experiences, there are endless ways to interact with, sell and buy security products.

For this reason, a security marketing internship is an interesting way to learn about how business is conducted. I am incredibly proud to work alongside the talented, creative and intelligent individuals who make this industry exciting for both consumers and sellers.

4. Security Marketing Interns Make a Meaningful Impact

Working in security is about more than just fighting bad guys directly. Here, I know the products I promote are worth much more than their material value because they enable our valiant cyberdefenders to protect the modern world from rapidly evolving threats and enable businesses and their customers alike to feel safe in the face of cyber uncertainty.

It’s empowering to know that my marketing efforts contribute directly to this ethical goal. I’ve also noticed a special quality to B2B security marketing that has real impact on society: Since we live in a world where everything is connected, the security of a company’s data directly affects the safety of the individuals who use its products.

The internet of thing (IoT) is a great example: Let’s say a large automobile company purchases threat management software to secure its vehicles. In today’s IoT setting, that same purchase can protect the life of a consumer because it helps ensure that the mother who accesses her car from a mobile device is interacting with a network that is safe from cybercrime. Now she can continue to trust her phone, her car and, therefore, her daily routine. This is a special ecosystem, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

Inclined to Innovate? Consider a Career in Cybersecurity

My security marketing internship has opened my eyes to a world of career opportunities that were previously unknown. If you’re wired to innovate and looking to enter an exciting, ever-evolving industry, I encourage you to explore the possibility of a career in cybersecurity.

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