Financial Services executives will soon be gathering in Orlando, Florida for the 2019 FS-ISAC Annual Summit. IBM Security is honored to participate in the event and we hope to see you there!

Join us for one of our Silver Showcase presentations on Monday, April 29th where we will present on “Building a Next-Gen Incident Response Program.” In addition to the Silver Showcase presentation, IBM Security executives will be at the event to discuss your highest priority interests and to share information on how IBM Security can help you to stop threats, prove compliance, and grow your business.

According to the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2019 report, “the finance and insurance sector has been the most-attacked industry for three years in a row, with 19% of total attacks and incidents in 2018.” As executives realize that it is not a question of “if” they will face a cyber attack but “when,” the lack of investment “right of the boom” (which refers to the response and management of a cyber attack after it occurs) raises considerable concern.

Often, personnel on the front lines don’t have capabilities including AI, machine learning, and intelligent orchestration and they face an increasingly difficult task diagnosing a breach, assessing the size and scope, and responding to a breach in the time frame required by GDPR. For many firms, the company’s success depends on one or a few individuals who may not have
adequate information or experience to take the best actions during the hectic moments of a breach. In addition, many institutions are not prepared to address the increasingly common scenario of attacks launched by internal resources. As the evolving threat landscape grows so also does customer demand for convenience, raising concern for those ill-prepared. In this environment, being transparent and demonstrating a mature, integrated business and security model is critical for building trust.

Visit IBM Security at booth 96 to discuss concerns that are top of mind for you. For immediate access to information on our solutions, be sure to visit our site.

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