OnWire Releases New OnCloud® Identity and Access Management Platform Integration with Microsoft Active Directory

OnWire announces a new release for OnCloud®, a FedRAMP Ready Identity and Access Management Platform. The release features a directory services integration with Microsoft Active Directory (AD), and gives OnCloud customers the option to easily synchronize their existing on-premise Active Directory with OnCloud.

For most organizations, Microsoft AD is the authoritative user directory for managing users, groups, and access to key business applications, such as Outlook and Sharepoint. When combined with OnCloud’s Directory Services, customers can now keep sensitive PII (such as usernames and passwords) on-premise while leveraging a single AD credential to access cloud services and applications. OnCloud’s Directory Services can provision and synchronize users and groups in real-time while adhering to defined policies – ensuring that changes being made on the target AD systems are compliant. This integration provides OnCloud capability to automatically correct non-compliant operations in real-time or alert a system owner when unauthorized permissions are granted.

OnCloud’s Directory Services allows customers to leverage AD user attributes to provide fine-grained authorization and single-sign-on to applications – ensuring that employees don’t need to maintain and remember multiple usernames and passwords. OnCloud also offers self-service password resets – enhancing efficiency by reducing calls to help desks and enabling employees to reset their own forgotten password. By utilizing OnCloud’s Directory Services, customers can simplify the deployment and management of Identity and Access Management workloads both on-premise and in the cloud while extending security capabilities (such as strong authentication and federated single sign-on) to its users.


About OnCloud

OnCloud, an Identity and Access Management-as-a-Service (IAMaaS) solution, is available to Commercial and Government customers. OnCloud utilizes IBM’s market-leading IAM technology to provide a full and adaptable set of IAM capabilities, including Identity Governance, Strong Authentication, Access Control, Single Sign-On, and Federation. OnCloud, the first IAMaaS approved for FedRAMP Ready, is infrastructure agnostic and can be deployed on the customer’s infrastructure of choice.


About OnWire

OnWire is a certified 8(a) and Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB). As an IBM Business Partner, the company’s leadership in Identity and Access Management (IAM) security solutions provides products and services to assist customers in defining strategy, centralizing identity management and reducing the cost associated with user provisioning and access management. OnWire R&D strives to provide government and commercial sectors with solutions that support efficient management of the entire identity lifecycle.

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