OnWire and Mitochon Systems Announce Strategic Partnership on Federal IT Healthcare Solutions

OnWire and Mitochon Systems Inc. announced a strategic partnership to bring secure, interoperable IT Healthcare solutions to the federal government. OnWire will work with Mitochon to enhance its Virtual Medical Community (VMC) with an enterprise trust fabric for Federal Health Architecture alignment and adoption of Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) standards.

OnWire, an IT Services provider for the U.S. Government, specializes in federated identity, access management and multi-factor authentication. OnWire understands the complex and disjointed nature of our health care system and sees value in Mitochon’s approach to reshape how healthcare is delivered. Having worked with DoD and DOJ agencies, OnWire understands the federal infrastructure and contracting requirements to work with the government.

As a woman-owned small business, OnWire brings integration capabilities for building robust and scalable solutions for identity data consolidation and information exchange. 

”We’ve spent the last 4 years working closely with the US Air Force and FBI to build trust infrastructure for supporting mission-critical applications and criminal justice data exchange with federal, state, local, and tribal agencies.”, said OnWire founder and President, Chonly Wang. ” By leveraging technology we can ultimately improve quality, increase access, and reduce costs for healthcare; we’re excited to be a part of a solution that will have an impact on our Nation’s health.”

Andre Vovan, MD founder of Mitochon Systems said, “This partnership is another step in Mitochon’s drive to deliver a wide range of capabilities to health care systems enabling them to improve efficiency by reducing waste, duplication and associated cost while improving clinical outcomes and be ready for the coming era of Health Information Exchange.”

The only way we will achieve a truly effective nationwide system of electronic health records connecting virtually every physician and hospital is by offering medical systems a SaaS Based EHR. By SaaS I mean a reliable, easy-to-use, meaningful-use certified, web-based ambulatory EHR.

Because it is offered via the Web through the SaaS model, the Mitochon EHR service is very flexible. It can be easily adapted for mobile devices and can easily serve remote, rural communities. The SaaS EHR model is just getting started but we believe it is truly the wave of the future. This fits very well in the Federal and DoD space who are leaders in Cloud systems.



About Mitochon

Mitochon Systems, founded in 2006 by André Vovan, MD, MBA, FCCM, the director of a hospital critical care department, serves physicians nationwide with a Free Certified EHR/HIE/PHR platform. For information, call 877-817-0902



About OnWire

OnWire Consulting Group, a woman-owned, 8(a) small business, provides IT security services to the U.S. Government. Specializing in identity, federation, and multi-factor authentication, OnWire offers FICAM/HDSP-12 compliant solutions. For information, call 919-714-7300