IBM® Security Content Analysis Software Development Kit delivers robust, ongoing content analysis to protect you and your clients from spam and inappropriate and malicious web content. This Software Development Kit (SDK) uses an up-to-date URL filter database—also known as a web filter database—hence providing accurate analysis. It also provides an application programming interface (API) to facilitate integration.

IBM Security Content Analysis Software Development Kit:

  • Provides access to a URL filter database containing more than 20 billion evaluated web pages and images.
  • Supports filter quality greater than 99 percent accurate spam detection with an advanced 10-step email analysis process.
  • Enables integration, flexible configuration, built-in licensing and customized ticket options.

Provides access to a URL filter database

  • Database contains more than 120 million entries.
  • Evaluated web pages and images are indexed into 70 categories, including gambling, phishing and malware.
  • Clients receive updates that contain nearly 180,000 updated and newly categorized websites daily.
  • Filter technology covers 45 languages and 250 countries.

Supports filter quality greater than 99 percent accurate spam detection

  • Spam filter database contains over 40 million relevant spam signatures and millions of spam URLs.
  • Multilayer analysis process checks messages against an internal spam database and defined text categories—and compares URLs in email messages to the URL filter database.
  • Spam-filtering API detects known spam types and new variants with near zero over-blocking.

Enables integration

  • API enables you to categorize URLs, define web application policies and configure other filtering capabilities.
  • Spam filtering provides an API that helps you pass an email for analysis and establish a probability rating for spam.
  • You can configure spam analysis methods and automate daily filter database updates.
  • A software licensing system handles subscription expiration and generates demonstration tickets.